Recruitment information


Recruitment department Engineering Dept. Business Dept.
General Affairs Dept. Ship Management Dept.
Recruitment target Master of Science degree holder, Bachelor of Science degree holder, Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree holder, Junior college graduate, Technical college graduate, High school student, Former graduates
Recruitment faculty, department All
Number of applicants A few people
Job Description

Engineering Dept.

  • Creation of process control table, management of process control
  • Purchase and management of construction materials
  • On-site works (crane operation, NC cutting, welding, painting, blocks assembly and blocks movement, etc.) * there are also other physical works
  • Various ship inspection (sea trial operation, ship hull block inspection, etc.)

Our main role is performing the on-site work while managing the construction process (confirming that the construction progress is proceeding as planned). Because teamwork is very important, we are looking for attentive workers with positive attitudes.

Business Dept.

  • Newbuilding business, preparation of newbuilding cost quotations, client support from receiving ship orders until completion of ship delivery
  • Repair ship business, preparation of repair cost quotations, ship repair orders
  • Preparation and management of materials
  • Follow-up after ship delivery

We are the link between clients with new shipbuilding orders and clients with ship repair orders. Because we interact with the clients directly most of the time, we are looking for workers with a high sense of responsibility and mission and those who can readily act for other people.

General Affairs Dept.

  • General reception
  • Accounting
  • Employees information management
  • In-house communication
  • Summary of each department

Since we are the department in charge of the coordination within the company, the scope of our duties is wide. Some of these duties are office paper works, accounting and handling of company finances. Accurate handling of each and every detailed task is required and we are looking for honest and highly motivated workers.

Ship Management Dept.

  • Ship management of company-owned vessels (one person in charge of maritime affairs and one person in charge of technical work)
  • Preparation of cost quotations and purchase of ship supply
  • Various arrangements (equipment maintenance, repair, inspection and repair dock)
  • Attendance in newbuilding inspections, repair dock and onboard visits
  • Preparation of accident investigation report, correspondence to matters pointed out during inspections, correspondence to equipment defective reports and preparation of various reports
  • Make amendments to related laws and ship safety management manuals associated with actual transportation operations
  • Confirmation of operation plans, cargo handling plans bill of lading, guarantee certificates
  • Issuance of various certificates and confirmation of its validity

Our work is to maintain and improve the operations of the company-owned vessels in order to ensure environment protection, life safety, compliance to relevant laws and company rules and safe and secure operations. Not only those who are interested in ship operation and ship management work are welcome. Because of probable overseas business trips, we welcome those who can speak English. We also welcome Merchant shipping/marine graduates. (Inexperienced but highly driven people are also welcome. You will not be required to use English or knowledge about shipping immediately. You will be given a chance to learn.)

Recruitment process ・Please click on the 「engage」 button below to go to the engage page to enter your inquiry
・Company introduction (approx.40 minutes) is also available via WEB. Please inform us of your desired date and time and we will schedule it.
★Please contact us by email or phone  tel:+81 0897-72-0070
・Submission of application documents
・Selection 〔①WEB interview→②Aptitude test, Interview with directors (same day at the head office〕〕
・Unofficial offer
Selection method People-oriented selection
Recruitment features No group work for selection, only professional recruitment
Documents to be submitted Resume, Medical certificate, Transcript of records

Working condition

Monthly salary Master’s degree: 225,000 yen

Bachelor’s degree: 215,000 yen

Technical College student: 215,000 yen

High School graduate: 185,000 yen

Former graduate: Salary will be according to the latest educational background

General office work: 180,000 – 200,000 yen
  Salary will be according to the latest educational background
Example of Monthly salary Master’s degree holder: 225,000 yen + Overtime allowance + Family allowance + transportation allowance, etc.

Bachelor’s degree holder: 215,000 yen + Overtime allowance + Family allowance + transportation allowance, etc.

Technical College student: 215,000 yen + Overtime allowance + Family allowance + transportation allowance, etc.
Various allowances Overtime allowances, family allowances, commuting allowances, etc.
Salary increase Once a year(April)
Bonus Twice a year (July, December)
Holiday vacation 110 days a year (including 5 paid company holidays)
Saturday (One – four Saturdays in a month), Sunday, year-end and New Year holidays, summer vacation, and other holidays as indicated in the company calendar
Labor conditions / Employee benefits / Company In-house system Retirement system (defined contribution 401K pension plan), Company employee stock ownership system,
Complete social insurances such as Health insurance, Pension insurance, Employment insurance
Support for acquiring various licenses, Cash gifts for Wedding/childbirth, Condolence money for death in the family
Company car for transportation, Employees’ cafeteria , Employee apartment
Work location Head office : 4641-2 Kinoura, Hakata, Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture
Working hours 7:50~17:00
(including 80 minutes break)
Education/training system New employee training, etc.
Use of external educational and training services (Acquisition of knowledge in design, skills training, etc.)
Training/Internship system New graduate training, Business training (Classroom lecture, OJT), External education (participation in seminar, etc.)